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Crazy 4 Christ (C4C) Ministries

Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb,

I sanctified thee and I ordained thee a profit unto the nations.

Jeremiah 1:5 (KJV)

Prophet (definition): Advocate of something; somebody who advocates a cause or idea

Although Crazy 4 Christ (C4C) Ministries was established in 2007, the actual start of this

ministry had already been defined and set in motion by the Lord many years before.

C4C’s founder, Elder Michelle Jeffries Rhodes, was a young girl at the age of 7, volunteering at St. Mary’s Catholic School in Toledo, OH. Throughout her school years, Elder Michelle volunteered energetically. You could find her at church and school bazaars; she was a class monitor and while in high school, she served as class president; cheerleading captain, and captain of the basketball team, the volleyball team and the track teams. While working on her Associate’s Degree at Davis Business College, the school administrators asked her to work as an aide in the Administration Office. This opportunity confirmed to Elder Michelle that serving people was her passion!

Throughout Elder Michelle’s life, she has served God’s people through the unction of the Holy Spirit. She gladly serves with all the gifts, talents and time the Lord has blessed her with.

It was at the age of twelve a specific event changed her life forever: On a particularly cold winter’s day while her parents were away, a complete stranger knocked at the door. Only Michelle and her sibling, Juilee, were home at the time. The stranger told young Michelle that he was cold and hungry. Michelle immediately ran and grabbed her father’s coat (a very nice one, at that!) and gave it to the shivering man. Not only that, she asked him to wait while she went into the kitchen and made him a brown paper bag lunch. However, clothing and feeding him wasn’t all she had in mind. Michelle ran upstairs to the attic and took a very large jar containing the change her father saved throughout the year. This jar was filled with silver quarters and half-dollar pieces. Michelle broke the glass jar and filled another brown paper bag with as many coins and she could, and gave both the lunch and the heavy sack full of coins to the stranger.  

Her parents’ response upon returning home? They just shook their heads and thought their daughter was crazy. Needless to say, Mr. Jeffries made Michelle clean up the broken glass, and he got another jar and went about re-filling it with silver coins.

Let’s fast-forward to 2007: While completing her Master Degree in Management, each student had to develop a business plan. This project was completed during the last three classes of the program. Elder Michelle was given permission to devise a plan for a ministry instead of a business – therefore

developing Crazy 4 Christ Ministries. At the end of the master’s program, the business plan for the ministry had been completed and approved by three of Elder Michelle’s professors.

Upon completing her master’s degree, Elder Michelle immediately and eagerly submitted her Crazy 4 Christ business plan for formal documentation and development. But, the plan did not come without obstacles. Although the proper documentation was processed and the ministry established, Elder Michelle found that she had failed to file the tax reports, thinking her little ministry was too small for the IRS to care about. But, the government does care. Blessed by the knowledge and skills of the ministry’s Financial Advisor, Minister Marlisa Young, documentation was completed and provided to the IRS and all back taxes filed. Praise God for the gifts and talents of Minister Marlisa. [NOTE TO ALL: FILE YOUR TAXES or ‘render unto Caesar that which belongs to Caesar’!]

Throughout the years, C4C Ministries has served people and ministries all over the world. To list in this brief history all which we have been allowed to do would not give God all the glory He


 However, a brief list of each year’s accomplishments can be found at our website:

As an established ministry, the mission of Elder Michelle Jeffries Rhodes and C4C Ministries remains constant: to love God from the core of her being, to be obedient to His every will, to love

everyone as yourself, and to serve with a pure heart - never looking for anything in return.